Photo of Jeff SmithBranchline Products first started in 1987, as an extension of my hobby (and passion) of building detailed, scale models of Colorado narrow gauge equipment. First came trucks and couplers and a few main car parts. Over the years, additional pieces were added as the need dictated, (mainly because I got tired of machining detail parts out of bar stock).

Living in Colorado gives me the unique opportunity, and access to, many of D&RGW's original engines and rolling stock. Over the years, untold hours have been spent carefully photographing, measuring, and documenting each individual part, before in order to create accurate reproductions of the original prototypes.

Most of my scale castings are used on narrow gauge equipment. However some, particularly the Camel Company door hardware, are also used on standard gauge equipment.

Castings are made in very limited quantities
so some parts may not be in stock at all times

I also have many blueprints and field notes on D&RGW and C&S narrow gauge cars and am willing to help out with dimensional or construction information. Questions? Feel free to E-mail me at: or call (970) 535-4936

Update: I am now retired from my career as a master machinist. This gives me more time to devote to my hobby, so my friend and fellow hobbyist Jim Schmidt and I, are now collaborating on a new set of drawings. This time we are working on a D&RGW Short Reefer. As always, the quality is high. I take the measurements and make the initial drawings and Jim converts my drawings into Auto-Cad. We spend untold hours on the phone comparing notes and making corrections before we make each book available.

New! Free 2.5" scale drawings for D&RGW Trucks! Download here